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05 Things Your Maid must know while looking After Your Baby!

Singaporeans are said to be lucky because the maids are easily available for them to look after not only with their house chores, but to their children also.

Any negligence in the case of house chores is tolerable, but nobody could tolerate this, if it is the matter of child take care. In such case, it is not enough to hire the services of a maid, but the complete satisfaction is needed by them. And so, she must be acknowledged about the infant first aid methods.
Owner of Faith Employment Agency, Monica Leongin 1981, spoke to the maids in Singapore about how they should bring out the infants.

We tried to summarize that meeting in 7 steps and hope it would be useful for you:

1. She must be familiar with all emergencies:

First of all, she must have the knowledge to meet any emergency, in case you are not home. Maid Specialist Monica suggested that never hire a maid who is not enrolled in a first-aid course. For example, if your maid is taking your child to the swimming pool, she must have attended the swimming classes to encounter any emergency. Beside this, she must have all your contact numbers and all emergency numbers of Singapore.You are lucky, if you have a hospital near your home, but it is of no use when your maid does not know about it. So, making her familiar with, this is mandatory.

2. She must have good hygiene habits to cultivate in your baby:

Cultivate good hygiene habits in your child is as important as infant first aid, she must know the timing of changing diapers and clothes of your baby. Alsomake sure, she wash her hands before picking up your baby, feeding and preparing your baby’s food. Make her strictly follow to wash the milk bottles properly.

3. She must have an awareness that your baby is the first priority:

Remind her time and again that whatever other chores she have to do, baby’s safety always comes first.
Remember to tell her even when she is taking a break to always keep an eye on your little one and to never leave a baby alone even for a few minutes.
Before you step out of the house, always ask your maid if she needs to use the bathroom. Instruct her to place the baby in a safe spot whenever she needs to use the bathroom. It doesn’t mean that your baby should be placed in a baby chair all the time. Furthermore, check out the baby chair to save your child from any sharp object.

4. She must know about time management:

Your maid must have a baby’s schedule in which she prioritized baby’s chores. For example, a baby’s nap and meal timings should be properly planned. You can help out in planning this schedule to make more effective the process of time management.

5. She must be alert at all the times:

Your maid must be careful all the time and be alert about all the activities of your baby. She must have complete knowledge about the Baby’s temperature, urine output and behavior and should inform timely whenever she sees any changing.
It is noteworthy to guide her about infant first aid in this regards. Furthermore, things like age-appropriate foods and the food that can cause an allergic reaction in your child must be in the knowledge of a maid.

The last Thoughts:

In short, having a natural love for children in the maid will be an additional benefit to you.But this thing could not be observed at the time of hiring. So, a person should have a sharp observer in this regard.You will be lucky when she can genuinely understandyour child’s habits.
And the last among all, is to go with your guts as a parent. As, the little one is your responsibility and hence, a proper examination must be done to hire the maid for him.

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