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Advantages of using AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in Daily Life

Cardiac patients face various health issues and medical conditions that make it hard for them to execute the daily life activities. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a device used to stabilize heart rhythm in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. AED is a critical medical device to have for a cardiac patient and its presence has become mandatory at all workplaces. AED’s are the most commonly used medical device nowadays’. It offers numerous benefits to the employees and employers at workplaces.

A Life-Saving Device:

AED is referred to as a life-saving device at workplaces. One of the main benefits of having AED at workplaces is that it saves lives. The sudden cardiac arrest is the condition in which the heartbeat of a person stops and a person can die in only a few minutes if proper treatment is not given to a patient.

The survival rate due to cardiac arrest is very low and only ten percent of people survive. AED plays a major role to increase the survival rate due to its unique functioning. The earlier it is used, the better chances victim have to survive.

The AED’s at workplaces can be used efficiently without depending on the emergency medical services. Employees in different workplaces can make the best use of AED to help cardiac patients.

In Singapore, it is highly recommended that AED should be installed at accessible places within the work areas so employees have quick and easy access to it in emergency situations.

AED is designed for easy usage by anyone who has been trained properly. AED in Singapore has brought a positive change in the lives of cardiac patients at workplaces. It has also improved the survival rate due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Training courses are also offered by some AED manufacturers in Singapore. It develops the confidence of people that they can also save lives if they have a proper understanding of the functions of AED. Utilization of AED along with Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) has been proven to be the most effective life-saving combination.

Benefits for Employers:

If a particular organization have AED then it can uplift profile of the company and also improves the healthcare standards at the workplace. It exhibits that how the employer is taking measures for the safety of employees.

Installation of AED’s at workplaces portrays a good impression of the company in the market and that develops the interest of people to join the company. The increasing demand for AED will urge the big organizations to have it at their workplaces.

AED’s role in Survival:

AED has improved the survival rate in recent past years. Before the AED, the survival rate due to sudden cardiac arrest was only 2.5% but induction of AED has raised the survival rate almost up to 75%.

Victim’s survival depends on how quickly and efficiently you use AED. The fully automated device analyzes the heart rhythm that either it requires the electric shock or not. If a patient needs electric shock then a device can indicate it through visual prompts.

The communication system is integrated into the AED that gives step by step instructions that which step should be taken. The mechanism of this device also plays a key role in the survival because it can be understood easily by people.

Benefits in Different Situations:

In workplaces, various situations can occur which can make it difficult for you to fulfill your duties. Let’s say if a person has experienced a sudden cardiac arrest at the workplace then you cannot afford to wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

In such situations, quick treatment is required to prevent the sudden cardiac arrest which is possible through an AED. Assume another situation in which you are doing shopping with your father in a shopping mall and if a sudden cardiac arrest is experienced by him then you can save his life through effective utilization of AED.

To improve the survival rate, you have to understand the importance of AED because this will help you to save the life of your family members and friends in different places.

Restoration of Heart rhythm:

When a victim experiences cardiac arrest the biggest challenge is to restore the original heart rhythm. To restore the heart’s rhythm an electric current is delivered to a victim. The irregular pattern of the heartbeat causes cardiac arrest.

The presence of AED in different public places such as educational institutions, restaurants and shopping malls helps to treat the victims.

Equip your employees with the necessary life-saving skills and proper AED usage through certified learning at Academiclinic. Experienced medical professionals provide training on how AED can be used at workplaces for safety purpose and for first aid training which would be very helpful in emergency situations.

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