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Why Having an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Makes Life Saving Easier

Cardiac Arrest in Singapore

Today’s world is badly afflicted by heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and other obesity-related health issues. From a total of 16000 deaths in Singapore annually, the rate of deaths due to cardiac causes is 23%. There are approximately 1000 cases of sudden cardiac arrest leading to death every year in Singapore. These cases of SCA are particularly due to the increased proportion of elderly in the population. Singapore has more than 60% of the elderly population making them prone to have cardiac problems.

It is believed that prevention is better than cure thus having a healthy lifestyle could help decrease the SCR (sudden cardiac arrest) incidents substantially. Eating right that is to say lesser oils, exercising, avoiding to smoke, and maintaining the healthy weight are the basis for prevention of cardiac diseases.  Just a reminder that a cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time! The patient stops breathing thus starts losing consciousness. But what should be done when a person in your home faces a cardiac arrest the minutes or even seconds of the lifetime matter? Should you wait for the paramedics to arrive and let your loved one battle for survival or should you make yourselves ready to combat the situation?

Unfortunately, most Singaporeans are not equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond to such situations. Time is of the essence during a cardiac arrest. The chances of survival decrease each passing minute from 7 to 10 percent without compressions on chest and defibrillation.  All that saving a life during an SCA takes is availing a First-aid training service of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and purchasing the device called AED.

MediannaHearton AED A10

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator)is a medical device that helps save a person’s precious life with self-help when suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. It is light-weight, a handy instrument that delivers a shock to the heart. This shock helps recover the normal heartbeat. AEDs make it possible to respond to medical traumas where defibrillation is required. Because of their portability, AEDs can be used by anyone with basic skills to use it. AEDs are meant to be used by general public enabling them to take necessary measures through voice prompts as a help to the user through the process.  Knowing basic CPR skills and the use of a MedianaHearton AED A10 can highly elevate a patient’s chance of survival; up to 50 percent. It is of extreme importance to be equipped with the necessities in such life-and-death situations. AED in Singapore is aided by many groups. They sell and train for the procedure of the device. But the most dependable of them is Academiclinic.

Benefits of having an AED

There are numerous benefits why there must be an AED at home or workplaces. Many cardiologists will also advise the family members of cardiac patients to always carry an AED with them. Let’s look at the major ones:

  1. It increases the survival rate by 50 percent
  2. The device is fully automated which is set to identify heart rhythms and delivers the shock in the right time of need. The rescuer doesn’t have to worry about when to press the button because of voice prompts.
  3. The AED has an inbuilt voice prompt system which helps the user to carry out the lifeguard process step by step. The rescuer immediately knows when a sudden cardiac arrest victim needs the shock
  4. It ensures safety in large groups when traveling long hours or working as a team. Therefore keeping an AED at public spots like railway stations, library, rehabilitation centers, etc. or office spaces is a good safety step to take. It helps save lives
  5. It makes you feel prepared and confident since the cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of sudden demises around the world
  6. A place, where there is a lot of physical activity, must have an AED in place. Places like playgrounds, gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses and any type of sports complex should have an Automated External Defibrillator. Usually, the people do not have a heart problem until they exert themselves. The heart rates start to accelerate and pose an unstable condition of problematic or halted breathing. There are innumerable instances where athletes die of sudden cardiac arrest due to the absence of an AED in place
  7. People living in faraway areas with the delayed reach of paramedics in time of need and with at least one elderly family member should consider having an AED. This is because the elderly are more prone to SCA. If a person collapses because of cardiac arrest and is left without oxygen for no greater than only four minutes, their brain cells start to damage. Survival becomes next to impossible in such instances. AED is the best solution then. Having an AED with a cardiac patient is like feeling secure because the local fire department is nearby and you can be protected immediately.

Where can you get AED training?

Academiclinic (Singapore) offers CPR and AED training through training centers. The trainers are registered nurses and paramedics who are well-equipped with life-saving skills, and are ACTA trained with many years of experience, and have all work-related safety and health knowledge. They are trained in how to react to cardiac traumas and how to save precious lives. Visit the homepage www.academiclinic.sg for more info.

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