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Why you should have an AED(Automatic External Defibrillator)at Workplace

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) was designed decades ago to treat victims of cardiac arrest. This is a condition where the heartbeat of a person stops and it can happen to anyone at any time. We spend half of our day or even more in the office working continuously which can, in turn, increase the risk of heart failure.

Having an AED in the workplace gives you the best chance to prevent sudden cardiac arrest. By getting yourself properly trained, you can assist in saving your colleagues in an emergency situation. Employees are assets of an organization, therefore it is important that employers ensure the presence of AEDs in workplaces.

Most organizations have fire extinguishers for the protection of employees, clients, and visitors but they may not have the heart defibrillator. The following reasons will help you to understand the importance of having an AED in the workplace.

Most organizations have fire extinguishers for the protection of employees, clients, and visitors but they may not have the heart defibrillator. The following reasons will help you to understand importance of having a AED in the workplace.

Works Efficiently in Emergency Situations:

In emergency situations, AED plays a key role to save the life of any individual. To do that, training is necessary for every staff member, factory workers, managers, executives etc. Availability of an AED in the workplace ensures a safe working environment for all employees.

If a cardiac incident occurs at a workplace and there is no AED then the life of a victim is in serious danger. Training on the use of AED is not difficult but make sure you engage a professional and recognized Training Provider to ensure proper certification.

Cardiac arrests are often fatal:

According to a study, the first cardiac arrest is usually deadly and it occurs mostly when one is not close to any medical facility like a hospital to seek immediate treatment. When electric impulse becomes chaotic and erratic, it stops the heartbeat of the person which is why this can be fatal.

Another reason for cardiac arrest is when blood stops flowing to the heart, this turn stops the muscles from any movement. It can be prevented if an electric shock is delivered to a patient by an AED on time.

Time matters a lot:

It is really important to provide treatment immediately to the victim of cardiac arrest because survival chances reduce with every passing minute. You cannot wait for a medical expert to treat the victim using an AED. The quicker it is used quickly the heart rhythm will be restored.

In Singapore, AED can be installed at various organizations to provide timely treatment to the patients. A victim of sudden cardiac arrest does not have much time to survive. AED in Singapore should be easily accessible to the people in companies which also increases the survival rate.

Automatic features:

An AED is designed in such a way that it can be used by anyone easily. Due to its automatic features, it can detect if the heart is still beating when a person collapses suddenly. It delivers a shock only when it is required which is why you don’t have to worry while using an AED.

Be prepared in advance:

It is always better to take precautionary measures in workplaces. If a fire extinguisher is present in a company then it is possible that it has never been used but it can be used in case of an emergency. The same thing applies to AED, having it in a company means that the life of people working there is not at risk.

For every professional organization, AED should be made a part of the emergency response plan. Electric shock given within three minutes of sudden cardiac arrest increases survival chances to 70%.

Owners of organizations are responsible to implement AEDs at workplaces but employees should also have a clear understanding of its functions. Medical treatment has its own importance but AED is critical in the situation of a sudden cardiac arrest.

To find out that how AED can be beneficial at workplaces contact Academiclinic, a certified Medical Training company that provides the relevant safety and first aid training required to operate an AED in Singapore safely.
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