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Benefits of implementing and knowing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the emergency procedure used to restore the original heart rhythm. Proper training is required to utilize CPR effectively in emergency situations. CPR training enables you to treat the victim at home or in public places.

First aid and CPR training are important for individuals who want to be in the profession of nursing or medical care. Formal education has its own importance but CPR training is beneficial in various ways. It is one of the best ways to create awareness among people about how they should respond when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs.

When a person’s heart stops working, it can cause brain damage within a few minutes. There are endless benefits of knowing and performing CPR. Rescue breathing is an essential part that will provide oxygen to the patient’s lungs. Chest compression is also part of CPR used to keep blood flowing to the heart.

In recent years, the utilization of CPR has increased the survival rate. It is a life-saving procedure that should be used early without any delay.

One of the biggest benefits you have for learning CPR is that you don’t have to wait for the arrival of the emergency team. Whether you are a medical professional or not, you can be a difference between life and death for someone.
Some benefits of knowing CPR are explained below that will help you understand its importance for cardiac patients.

A life-saving method:

CPR allows you to save lives without relying on any other medical assistance. Usually, ambulance services take time to reach the desired location. So if any of your family members experience sudden cardiac arrest at home then you can provide him/her urgent treatment through CPR. It also helps in reducing the risk of brain damage.
You can also feel confident about the fact that you are able to save the lives of your family members and friends.

Certified Learning:

Individuals who have certified learning of CPR are more likely to help increase the survival rate of cardiac patients. How you perform CPR is very important as well. Every single second is important for the unconscious patient and only a trained individual can implement it efficiently in such a situation.

CPR certification provides quality training and gives a sense of responsibility. It helps individuals realize that the lives of patients are dependent on them. The confidence that this learning procedure gives to individuals can be applied in various fields of life.

You can gain knowledge and also the respect of your friends and family members by having the CPR certification.

Safety at workplaces:

You can ensure a safe environment for all employees in any organization by having knowledge of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It could be very useful for the people who want to be associated with the medical industry.

Professional organizations want someone who can provide first aid training or CPR learning to their employees. Usually, medical assistance is not available at workplaces, therefore, the significance of CPR learning increases more in such places.

According to research, a significant number of people die due to cardiac arrest every year. So knowledge of CPR is essential to assist in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Having CPR training increases the survival rate by more than 40%. When every minute of treatment is delayed, chances of a patient’s survival also decreases.


The busy life of today’s world doesn’t give much time to people to pay attention to their health or take precautionary measures. CPR is one of the best ways to save a life. It offers various benefits and most importantly it can save the lives of cardiac patients.

Relying heavily on emergency medical assistance is not a wise thing to do as it takes time to travel to the location of the patient upon notification and this can take more than 30 minutes usually. Therefore, understanding CPR and its techniques are necessary because it provides the best opportunity for you to keep your loved ones safe.

Knowing the benefits of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, your next step should be to acquire certified learning through Academiclinic which is the leading healthcare services provider in Singapore. Our medical professionals provide you with valuable healthcare knowledge. Understand the importance of CPR by attending our courses which are also funded under the Singapore Workforce Development Agency as well as health awareness talks we can organize for your company.

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