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How Can You Perform CPR on Adults – CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a medical treatment and it is given in an emergency situation to cardiac patients when their heartbeat stops or running slow. It helps to continue the victim’s original heart rhythm and increases the chances for survival.

By using CPR you can save someone’s life. Before doing so, you have to know what a cardiac arrest is and how to handle such emergency situation.

Cardiac diseases are the most common cause of deaths in different parts of the world these recent years. The major cause of heart attack in adults is the irregular electrical rhythm of the heart. The medical term is ventricular fibrillation. An electrical shock to the chest is required to treat it.

Since this emergency situation can come on anywhere at any time and place, one have to be ready for such situations at all times. Going for CPR training will certainly be useful!!

Apply CPR on Adults

Before applying CPR on the adult, you need to act quickly in a professional way without any hassle in such situation. In this article, we will mention some important points that are useful for all those who want to help anyone, they need to learn the basics of CPR and first aid skills.

  1. Wake the Victim Up

Ensure that whenever you find a person in a sudden cardiac emergency, the first step is to wake up the victim up. If he or she is not responding, prepare to administer CPR.

  1. Start Chest Compressions

A thing you can do easily. Interlocking your fingers and keep your hand on the top of the chest and push down two inches at the rate of 100/min. You have to do chest recoil completely just before the next compression. Keep continuing compressing the chest at least 100 pushes/min. You should perform the similar thing 30 pushes at this rate.

  1. Start Rescue Breathing

Pinch the patient’s nose and make a seal over his/her mouth with yours. If you want to use a CPR mask, you can if available and start rescue breathing to a victim.

  1. Repeat Chest Compressions and Rescue Breathing

Repeat and repeat, continuing to do 30 more chest compressions and also you did the same as we talked about earlier in this blog.

  1. Make Use of an AED

AED use today is not only restricted within the hospital grounds. Many people use this device in their homes as well. It is not difficult to use so long you have an understanding of the overall procedure of this machine.

For example if any of one from your family member, friend or colleague has suddenly collapsed on the floor. You have seconds to respond as quickly as possible. Now it’s time to enroll in CPR certification course and get CPR certified today.

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