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Occupational First Aid Course

Occupational First Aid Course (Inclusive of CPR & AED)

Accredited by the Ministry of Manpower to conduct and provide training in:

  • Occupational First Aid course with certification valid for 2 years
  • CPR + AED course with certification valid for 2 years
  • To provide relevant information and guidance to participants on the importance of having an Emergency & Crisis Management structure, system and training in their workplaces.
  • 3 Days (23 hours & 30 minutes)
Entry requirement
  • Participants must be physically fit
  • Able to render help to another individual during an emergency
  • ESS workplace literacy and numeracy Level 5 & above
  • Courses are available in English or Mandarin
For Whom
  • All employees especially those in safety, EHS, frontline or supervisory positions.
Course Content
  • First Aid + CPR Topics
  • Safety Topics
  • AED Topics
  • Practical Training