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Homecare, Physiotherapy & Nursing Services

In recent years, more and more patients require professional medical services, physiotherapy and home nursing when they return home after surgery or serious illness, especially so at the absence of a primary caregiver.At Academiclinic, we take on the role of a caregiver to offer a broad range of professional care and support services for individuals recovering from hospital stay, the disabled, chronically-ill patients who need medical, nursing, therapeutic treatment or help with the essential activities of daily living. Keeping patients at home is our main goal as we know patients recover much better, and faster at home since the risk of infection decreases and chances of readmission to hospital is also minimized.

Our homecare nursing services is offered for patients of all ages – from child care to elder care and a wide-ranging services from post-surgical and general health care to hospice and palliative care including


Medication Administration

Medical Equipment Rentals

Tube Feeding, Wound Care & Urine Catheterization

Pain Management

Home Safety Instructions

Ambulance Transportation Services for dialysis, physiotherapy sessions, post-hospitalisation review, disabled/ handicapped/ mental incapacitated individuals.

Our transportation services utilizes non-emergency ambulance manned by a crew of MOH registered Nurses, not just Paramedics and experienced ambulance drivers. Comprehensively equipped with medical aids/ monitors & stretchers, GPS tracked and well sanitized as your comfort is our utmost priority.

Our rates are affordable and we offer package pricing for different range of services required.

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