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How Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Save the Lives of Cardiac Patients

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that is used to treat cardiac patients when their heartbeat stops working. It restores the original heart rhythm and increases the chances of a victim’s survival.

Cardiac diseases are one of the major cause of deaths in different parts of the world. The major cause of the heart attack in adults is the irregular electrical rhythm of the heart. This medical condition is named as ventricular fibrillation. An electrical shock to the chest is the best way to treat it.

A victim can easily die if proper treatment is not given to him immediately. The earlier CPR is performed, the better the chances of resuscitation are present. Through CPR, a victim’s blood becomes oxygenated that flows to heart and brain.

CPR is the best way of survival and if it’s every step is executed successfully, a life of a victim can be saved. First of all, you have to recognize cardiac arrest and then inform the emergency services.

Until you have nobody from the emergency department, keep performing CPR. To develop a better understanding and awareness of CPR, its major role and functions are explained below that will make you understand the importance of CPR for cardiac patients.


CPR has proven as one of the best remedies for cardiac patients in recent past years. To perform CPR successfully on the cardiac patients you should get its proper training. It is essential for you so you can perform it without mishandling the situation.

CPR restores the original partial flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and brain. In such a way, tissue death can be delayed and chances of successful resuscitation can be increased.

CPR is crucial for cardiac patients because it saves a person life and also prevents brain damage. You should never stop CPR unless a patient’s heart rhythm is not stabilized. You may not have a proper training of CPR but still, you can make a difference between life and death by having little knowledge of its utilization.

Time is the important factor when it comes to rescuing the life of the cardiac patient. If treatment is not given to the victim within 4 minutes, a permanent brain damage can occur. So it is necessary to take the required action on time.

Let’s say if you are not trained then you can provide chest compression. This method is used to make blood flow again through the heart in emergency situations. It’s a handy way to normalize the condition of the patient.


To implement CPR efficiently, you should have its proper learning. In Singapore, different first aid and safety training companies are offering the healthcare services.

Academiclinic is one of the best healthcare companies in Singapore offering the CPR training along with proper learning of AED. Here, health awareness talks are also conducted that plays a key role to make people aware that how they can deal with emergency situations.

If you know how to perform CPR, you don’t need to rely on medical or emergency services. You just need to get proper guidance and knowledge by getting the assistance from medical experts because any negligence could take someone’s life. Although, it’s better to practice what you learn so you don’t feel any pressure while treating a cardiac patient.


The sudden cardiac arrest is not common in the adults. It occurs mainly due to lack of oxygen often caused by breathing issues like choking or infection in the respiratory system. To utilize AED on the children from one to eight years of age, a special cable is used to lessen the energy provided by the electric shock.

Performing CPR on the children from having an age of one to eight years old is not different from performing it on adults. Due to the large and small sizes of children, there could be slight differences.

While you are doing CPR on the children, make sure that the heel of one hand is used instead of one. The chest should be pressed about one to two inches. To perform CPR effectively, you have to provide 100 to 120 compressions per minute. If emergency providers cannot deliver rescue breaths, then compression should be performed with hands only.

Infants are referred to as the younger children having an age of one year. Due to the young age, techniques of CPR are different for infants. You have to treat infants very carefully because their body is really sensitive. Start with smaller breathes to restore the child’s original rhythm. If it doesn’t work then use fingers for chest compression. Other than all these things, CPR procedure is the same as for the child.

Manual defibrillation method is usually preferred for the infants. If an AED is accessible then a pediatric cable of AED should be used for infant defibrillation.


CPR is the most effective method to prevent sudden cardiac arrest. You don’t need any expensive machine or device for it to use it. If you don’t have any hospital or medical care center nearby your home then in such situation CPR could be really useful. So that is why CPR holds special importance in the life of cardiac patients.

CPR is also beneficial for those people who cannot afford to buy AEDs. There is a difference between learning and implementation. You can learn CPR techniques but until you cannot implement it efficiently, all your learning is useless. Get the services of best first aid and safety training company in order to learn the latest methods.


Cardiovascular diseases causes are the major health issue for the people around the world. By adopting healthy lifestyle such health problems can be resolved but taking precautionary measures will help you to save the life of your family members and friends. CPR is the best life-saving method that helps to stabilize the condition of the victim so if your loved ones have cardiac issues you must learn CPR.

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