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Need To Know About AED A15

Mediana is the manufacturing company related to medical products. Their aim is to fulfill clients, employees, and investors based on transparent and healthy management. They want to become a leading company of medical device companies in Korea through technology-oriented and customer-oriented development. Based on our future-oriented and challenging spirit, Mediana expects to develop into a comprehensive medical device company in the 21st century.

While on the other hand, A15 the purpose of this device is to protect with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This AED device is recommended for schools as well as it has the instant switch for Adult and Pediatric mode which means this product is perfect for environments with mixed age groups.

This device is really a cost-effective defibrillator packed with full of useful features. It is designed for those who trained in the use of an AED, the AED A15 ensures that the users are comfortable and confident, by offering voice and visual prompts.

Know About Its Features:

The Comparison between Mediana A10 HEARTON AED Vs Mediana A15 HEARTON AED

Mediana A10 HEARTON AED features:

• Automatic self-test.
Visual support icons.
Audible voice prompts.
Real time guidance.
Easy to use with or without training.

• Included:
1 Mediana HeartOn AED A10
1 Carry Case
1 Adult Pads
1 Operation Manual

Mediana A15 HEARTON AED features:

Instant switch from Adult to Pediatric.
Suitable for all schools, clubs and groups.
Automatic switch on when lid opened.
Pads attached, ready for use.
Pads fit both Adults and Pediatrics.

• Included:
1 Mediana HeartOn AED A15
1 Carry Case
1 Adult/Pediatric Pads
1 Operation Manual

According to a report, most of the women die as a result of a heart attack than they do from breast cancer.

• Twelve people have died under the age of 35 of every week due to a sudden cardiac arrest in the UK.

• If you delay a single minute, a victim’s chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest decreases by 7-10%.

• 70% of cardiac arrest occur outside of a hospital environment

• According to a report, there is almost 95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching hospital

• According to a new report that, seven out of ten cardiac arrest occur outside of hospital currently in the UK, only 2-3% of these people survive.

• The current technique designed to be discussed in the future of habitual and disgusting matter. Report suggests, there is around 270,000 people suffer a heart attack for each year in the UK and all because of these up to a third will die before reaching the hospital.

• Moreover, the healthcare department has a target of placing 3,000 new defibrillators in public places in England.

• The most life’s risks due to increases in smoking increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease by up to 30%

So, a machine works in an emergency situation for both children and adults for cardiac arrest. If a child’s chest does not rise then perform the chest compression. Gently compress the child’s chest and constantly check for a response. You have to give at least 20 to 30 chest compressions to a child which is followed by two rescue breaths.

Academiclinic in Singapore offers best health care services for people to improve their knowledge about health issues. Seminars are also conducted in which people get useful device that how they should deal with emergency situations through appropriate first aid training.

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