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The Need to Learn Useful FIRST AID Tips

Everybody needs to learn basic first aid skills as one never knows when an emergency situation will come up and having such skills may mean life or death of a loved one or even a young one.

The most important need to learn first aid is because it is important for everyone especially for yourself, as parents, knowing you can save your child in any emergency situations. Believe me, knowing how to administer first is the best skills to have.

Let’s discuss some important points that every parent should follow to keep their children safe by providing the most appropriate basic first aid.

Top 10 first aid tips you should learn

  1. ABC

The most fundamental tips you must remember whenever you find yourself in a first aid condition. It means (A) airway, (B) breathing and (C) circulation. When anybody is not responding, keep their airway open. Air circulation is central so whatever you do; keep the casualty’s air circulation systems working.


  1.  Preventing Bleeding

A small or extreme injury may cause somebody to bleed freely. In such scenarios, you have to apply slight pressure to the area. Keep applying pressure on the injured part until the bleeding stops.


  1. Burns

The first thing you have to ensure is that the injured person is relaxed. Give them some comfort as you take care of them. Let a patient know that you’re there to help them. Moreover, look for a sign of clothing and make it wet. After that use that piece to compress the burn part to prevent damaging the skin further.


  1. Sprains

Ice is the important factor in first aid treatment for sprains. Regardless if it is a wrist or lower leg sprain, use some ice blocks on that injured zone. Ice the area until the injured person is able to move and seek medical help.


  1. Trauma

A fall may result in trauma. In such situation, keep the injured person still without allowing any head movement.


  1. Reassurance

Assure and comfort the injured person that you’re nursing. You need to remain as cool as possible and that will in turn help them to do the same.


  1. Diarrhea

A person with diarrhea may become dehydrated quickly when the body loses water in this situation, your primary goal should be to dehydrate them. Keep continuing with the same thing until you see signs that they are improving. If you have anti-diarrhea medication, administer that as well.


  1. CPR Classes

You need to attend first aid classes to learn how to administer CPR, this is a very important skill to have to save someone’s’ life. Get yourself CPR trained today!


  1. Supplies

Stock up some medical and first aid supplies. Some common first aid items includes bandages, cotton, thermometer and antiseptics.


  1. Medical Care

Always get medical help after you have administered first aid to the injured person. If you have kids and want to improve your first aid skills then look no further than our where you will find all your first aid related requirements.

Academiclinic Singapore is one of the bigger training center where you will find most comprehensive child and infant first aid training.


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