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How to prevent injuries and Accidents at Workplace

Accidents that occur in an organization regularly exhibits its inefficient safety standards. It shows the negligence of the human resource or management in handling employee welfare. In such cases, employers are responsible because they are the ones who are supposed to enforce safety and take precautionary measures to ensure that employees are safe at work.

Injuries at workplaces can cause lost productivity and demotivate employees in working efficiently. The best way to prevent accidents in the workplace is to create awareness among employees and employers. If you own a company then you should educate your employees through proper workplace safety training.

Some useful tips are explained below that will help you to avoid injuries at the workplace.

Fall prevention is important:

Falls are one of the major accidents that occur very frequently at workplaces. 1 is to 3 employees at workplaces has been a victim of fall or slip. It can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, head and back injuries, pulled muscles and cuts.

The most common reason for falls is wet or slippery surfaces. Floors that have inappropriate friction are also the cause of falls. There should be proper lightings and covered cables to reduce the risk of fall.

To prevent falls, walking surface should be even and always kept dry, spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent slipping. Employers should educate their workers to be careful while they are walking and not looking at their phones while walking.

Employees should also be duly informed where any safety or personnel has been compromised or injured so as to prevent similar accidents.

Accidents occur due to Machinery:

Machines are the necessity of workplaces. A worker must be extremely careful when operating machinery. If a body part gets stuck in the machine the results are often fatal. Injuries caused by machinery can result in the loss of leg or arm. It can even cause permanent blindness.

Injuries occur due to mishandling of machinery can make a person paralyzed for life. So it’s better to take measures in advance to avoid such disastrous accidents. While working on machinery, a worker should focus on the point of operation such as cutting or shaping of material.

Protective gears should always be worn while working on a moving machine. In case of any injury due to machinery, first aid training is essential to provide urgent treatment to the victim. Another way to avoid such hazards is to have the good protective clothing. Employers and owners must make sure its presence in all workplaces.

Implementation of health safety plan:

An effective health safety plan at workplaces plays a key role to save lives. Prevention programs should be incorporated to reduce unpleasant incidents. Such safety and first aid related training should be made mandatory for all employees.

Employees should also be well educated on the consequences of not following company implemented safety processes. By ensuring workplace safety and healthcare in all organizations, injuries can be reduced.

Find out safety vulnerabilities:

Every business has different working procedures. You have to find out that what are the safety concerns of your business so you can incorporate measures accordingly. Make effective strategies by concentrating on the common accidents. It will help you to identify its root cause.

The requirement of protective gear is also different in every organization. Choose the right equipment for your workplace whether it is gloves, goggles, safety shoes, or other protective gear.

Have sufficient staff:

Usually, extra hours are implemented to overcome the workload. The burden of extra working hours can cause fatigue and stress among employees which is destructive for the health of employees.

Hiring the proper staff for every particular position can prevent the accidents due to exhaustion. It will also enable the employees to give their best at work.

Monitor your safety measures continuously:

Once you have trained your employees, implement the safety measures. Observe it constantly to understand if it is giving the desired results. Praise and reward employees who abide by the safety standards of your organization.
By monitoring the safety measures you can know that what amendments are needed in your organization’s safety policies.

To prevent injuries and accidents at workplaces, engage Academiclinic to provide the essential Workplace Safety & First Aid Courses where experienced trainers and medical experts impart their knowledge and skills through theory and conducting real-life drills to help you understand how to identify safety issues and how to mitigate any risk factors.

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