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The Role of Ambulance Services in Our Society

The role of academic clinic ambulance services performing highly trained professional emergency medical services for over the years. It is more for medical transportation such as for wheelchair patient, kidney failure patient who needs to travel to dialysis Centre for dialysis treatment, land evacuation from Malaysia to Singapore etc.

As you all know, in Singapore, the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is operated by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). They deal well and respond quickly to any medical emergency 24/7.

In an emergency, every second keeps important for someone’s life. We don’t comprise on it and handle a wide range of medical emergencies. If someone is in critical condition, the victim could have serious medical complications if he does not receive prompt medical attention and treatment.

The service (EMS) is designed to provide an immediate response to patients with life-threatening situations. We understand and know about the difference between life and death for a seriously injured or ill person.

It is also part of our home care services where we transport a patient for outpatient medical treatment or consultations etc.

Now the question is raised here why people choose ambulance service?

Because they know, the medical apparatus available in the ambulance to cater for emergency situations enroot.

Many expert doctors who seem to view the ambulance service as mainly a medical service and not as the emergency medical services that it has become. It only happens when it would be in the interest for the victim if a sound working relationship between pre-doctor’s facility, hospital and private medical treatment that could be developed that every group becomes familiar with the ability of the other. It is equally important that ambulance services into the health of profession that which they are presently a major part.

The emergency service is required whenever you feel down or an illness or injury could end in death or serious complication if it is not treated immediately.  The following services we provide to victims in the emergencies:

  • Difficult to take a breath.
  • Broken bones.
  • Deep cuts or wounds with profuse bleeding.
  • Head injuries that are followed by drowsiness, vomiting, bleeding from mouth or ears.
  • Head, chest, abdomen, neck, backbone and chest pain or injury.
  • Any burn part of your body by electric shock.

This is not the end, we also and provide medical treatment as we mention in above. Providing fast with quick response and best medical services, our aim is to become the top medical service provider in Singapore in near future.

Today, our ambulance services in Singapore in all kinds of sizes and styles provided with a huge enormous vary of significant pre-doctor’s facility crisis machines together with center defibrillators, intravenous trickles, braces, oxygen, medication and much more. All ambulances have radios places in them. In several occasions, ambulances additionally delivery non-emergency sufferers that may well move each other medical institution or the healthcare focus center.

Furthermore, Academiclinic Singapore provides the best ambulance services in Singapore. Our ambulance services include standby medical and patient transportation; also first aid team for different types of issues. We’ve professional medical experts that deal you in most the other healthcare providers.

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