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Role of CPR to prevent the sudden cardiac arrest

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the best lifesaving method that is used in emergency situations like sudden cardiac arrest when someone’s heartbeat stops beating.

CPR is an essential technique to learn because it saves lives in emergency situations. Proper training is needed to implement CPR because it is the matter of someone’s life and any negligence can cause a serious trouble to a victim.

There are various ways of providing CPR to the patient. If a person is not trained in the CPR then chest compression can stabilize the condition of the patient until the arrival of the paramedics. The significance of CPR is huge in different organizations and workplaces because it is the best practice that provides treatment on an urgent basis.

If you have proper training and awareness of CPR then you can perform the CPR efficiently. While performing a CPR you have to inspect that whether there is a pulse or not. If you don’t see any breathing then start chest compression and give rescue breaths also if it is necessary.

It is the most preferred technique when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. To restore the original heart rhythm, blood flow should be oxygenated which flows to the brain and to other important parts of the body.

Oxygenated blood is really important for the brain because lack of oxygenated blood can damage the brain and a person can die quickly within 10 minutes.

Learning CPR is important to implement it in different situations. Several courses are offered for the training of CPR. First aid training courses are offered for CPR learning and about the utilization of automated external defibrillator.

If you don’t have proper training then it’s not a wise move to implement CPR. It’s better to contact emergency services in such situations which can guide you to take the necessary steps.

Important things to consider in CPR:

Before starting the CPR you have to take care of the certain aspects. You have to assess the condition of the patient and also make sure that either the environment is safe or not for the person.

If the condition of the patient is not stable then AED can also be used but it also requires proper training. Through AED, Deliver a shock to the victim according to instructions and then start CPR.

Restore Blood Circulation:

The restoration of blood circulation is the most important part of the whole CPR procedure. To restore the blood circulation certain procedure has to be followed. Put the back of the victim on a solid surface. Place your hands on the victim’s chest and push hard for more than a minute. Don’t stop till there is no movement. If you are trained to perform CPR then you can also do rescue breathing.

CPR for small Children:

Children of small age experience cardiac arrest mostly due to lack of oxygen. If a child is not breathing then you should perform CPR immediately. First, analyze the situation then stroke the child and wait for a response. If still there is no movement then repeat the CPR or call the ambulance services for help.

Outstanding achievements have been made by Singapore for child healthcare. Several child development programs are conducted by the Ministry of health, Singapore to enhance the healthcare quality.

Automated External Defibrillator in Singapore has saved the lives of a large number of small children. So it is also necessary to learn about the functions of an AED to prevent the sudden cardiac arrest.

Breathing problem for small children:

When small children experience sudden cardiac arrest they also face breathing problems so it is important to take some essential measures. If the breathing of the child is not stable then you have to give at least two rescue breaths. Slowly breathe into the mouth of a child and then check that either child’s chest rises or not.

If a child’s chest does not rise then perform the chest compression. Gently compress the child’s chest and constantly check for a response. You have to give at least 20 to 30 chest compressions to a child which is followed by two rescue breaths.

If there is still not any improvement then repeat the procedure of CPR and also call for the help of ambulance services. Continue performing the CPR until you don’t get any positive response from a child.

CPR not only makes people able to take preventive measures on their own but it also creates awareness among the people that how nerves should be kept calm in such tensed situations.

Academiclinic offers best health screening services in Singapore for people to improve their knowledge about health issues. Seminars are also conducted in which people get useful advice that how they should deal with emergency situations through appropriate first aid training.

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