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Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic AED: Which one is better?

We are living in a world where we are surrounded by different health problems. Heart diseases are one of those issues that have affected the lives of millions of people around the globe. But advancements in technological science have facilitated people and as a result of its devices like AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) have now become an integral part of the cardiac patients.

There are certain elements that you should consider while purchasing an AED whether it is fully automatic or semi. There is a misconception among people that paddles are required to give a shock to the victim.

In AED, there are adhesive pads that automatically examines the victim’s heart rhythm once they are placed. It basically tells that either a shock is needed or not. AEDs presence in homes helps people to deal with the irregular heart rhythm known as ventricular fibrillation.

There are different types of AED available in the market. Buyers find it difficult when it comes to the purchase of AEDs. The most common question which arises in the mind of buyers is that which AED is better Semi-automatic or fully automatic? A complete explanation is given below that will help you to decide that which AED you should buy.


This type of AED is usually used in emergency situations when someone experiences cardiac arrest. First, you have to push a button to start AED. Then open pads and place on the patient, if there is a need of shock then AED will automatically tell you to push a shock button.

A person operating the AED should make sure that no one makes physical contact with the patient. Once it is confirmed then push the shock button.


This type of AED is also known as Auto shock AED. Every procedure in fully automatic AED is similar to the semi-automatic except that fully automatic delivers the shock without any human interference. While on the other hand, Semi-automatic needs someone to push the shock button. Now it’s up to you that which type of AED you prefer.

There are some benefits that AED offers to you. It enables you to control the situation by providing timely treatment to the victim.


AED allows you to handle high-pressure situations on your own. The important thing to know is that you have to make yourself familiar with the functions of AED.

Just imagine that a person experiences the cardiac arrest at a workplace or at any other public place. In such a situation a place can get crowded and it could become difficult for the user to concentrate. So in this scenario, semi-automatic AED is ideal to handle the situation efficiently because it provides complete control to a person operating the device.

AED indicates that a shock is needed through the voice command. Once a shock button brightens up, it’s a clear indication for the person to deliver a shock. At this point when you are about to deliver an electric shock you should make sure that there is no physical contact between the victim and any other person. Using a semi-automatic AED provides the opportunity to the user to remain in complete control and there is no chance that any person standing nearer to you will get shocked.

Now imagine the same situation in which a person is using a fully automatic device. In this scenario, it’s totally up to the device to decide that whether a shock should be delivered or not. It means that whoever is using the device should stay alert because AED will deliver a shock on its own.

There is no guarantee while using a fully-automatic AED that no one will be making a physical contact with a victim when a shock is delivered. Risk of someone getting shocked is higher in fully-automatic AED as compared to semi-automatic because it’s hard to focus when there are too many people around you. A shock that is given at the wrong time could take someone’s life which is a big concern.


Time is crucial while you are treating a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The quicker a shock is given, the higher chances victim have to survive. In Singapore, different healthcare and safety companies are working to provide the AED training because it is essential to provide the timely treatment. AED in Singapore has played an important role to improve the survival rate of cardiac patients.

Fully automatic AEDs takes more time to deliver a shock to the victim as compared to semi-automatic. The clear difference in the timing of both these devices shows that semi-automatic delivers shock quickly to the victim.

When a rescuer performs CPR to defibrillation, the blood flow of the patient to the brain increases. Chest compression is useful in such situations because initially it makes blood flow stable and helps to restore the original heart rate. Timings of devices are not the same because every device is made by a different manufacturer. If you’ll delay the shock, the survival chances will become thinner.


The above explanation clearly shows that you should choose semi-automatic AEDs over fully automatic because it provides a faster shock that plays a key role to enhance the chances of a patient’s survival. Semi-automatic provides you a complete control of the situation and reduces the chances of accidents. So when you want to buy an AED choose the semi-automatic AED and make sure to get proper training of AED.

Academiclinic offers training sessions of healthcare in Singapore. Training of different devices such as AED is also given with complete safety information so people can use it effectively in emergency situations.

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