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Top 5 Workplace Safety Training Tips

No one wants to work in an environment that is unhealthy and unfit for their own health. Responsible companies genuinely care about their employees, making them feel safe, happy and satisfied which in turns increase their efficiency. In fact, when a company ensures the safety of their employees, they are in fact safeguarding their most valuable asset i.e. their people. Ensuring Workplace Safety is another important meanin gaining trust with the customers.
To meet high safety standards, both employee and employer’s efforts are equally necessary.
Accidents can happen anywhere, not to mention the workplace too. Proper training for your employees is therefore important as prevention is always better than cure. Training helps create awareness and recognition of signs of danger for individual to look out foras well as safety precautions they can use in daily situations.
These 5 tips are important to ensure the standards of safety and health is not compromised:

1. Emphasize Importance of Safety Training:

Constantly talk about safety, emphasize on safety, set key Safety metrics, and build a safe work culture. Make employees understand the importance of safety and the emphasis placed on it by the company, that is the top priority. Regularly conduct safety components checks to remove or repair failed work equipment that may result in accidents or fatalities. Ensure employees go for regular health screening or stay at home when they are ill to prevent spread of diseases. Random checks should be implemented to monitor safety rules are applied accordingly.

2. Train Using Real-Life Scenarios & Equipment:

Use of real-life scenarios and actual work tools ensure better information retention since there is use of actual tools/equipment, ensuring an engaging training session. This helps employees view safety not just from a classroom perspective but also how to react in actual hazardous situations and take correct preventive measures.

3. Build a ConclusiveTraining Environment:

Trainer must be able to communicate and interact effectively with your employees to ensure maximum training effectiveness. Encouraging questions and suggestions from employees during training sessions help them understand they are in charge of their own safety. Employee’s feedback after every training session is also important to help the trainer work on any shortfalls and to constantly make improvements to training methodology where necessary.

4. Tailored Training:

Every work environment is different which means every safety training for different department or work environment should not be the same. Safety trainers should be highly knowledgeable on OHSA regulations, experienced and professional enough to ensure training is customized accordingly and in sequential order to ensure effectiveness. Education on proper use of tools and equipment is mandatory to prevent accidents from mishandling. Duration of such training sessions should be adequate to ensure effectiveness yet interesting enough to engage employees.

5. Keep Employees Up-To-Date OnPolicy Revisions:

Regularly evaluate any health and safety programs and ensure up to date information is cascaded to employees effectively. This is important to ensure employees is kept up to date to any potential workplace hazards and take measures to keep themselves safe always. It also acts as a good means of constant safety reminder.

Act today! Promote a safe work culture, encourage your employees to think and work safely, appraise them as motivation to others. Training is a requirement, but it must also be so effective in accident prevention and ultimately enhancing productivity.
A healthy workplace is a happy workplace and an inspiring workplace will no doubt create a highly profitable & sustainable company.

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