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Transformation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and It’s current role

People are facing various health issues all over the world but heart issues are the most common problem which creates lots of difficulties for the people. The sudden cardiac arrest is the biggest problem for all heart patients.

Cardiac arrest is the most common cause of death among cardiac patients. It is the most dangerous condition for the patient because in only a few minutes a person’s death can occur.

So it is essential to provide an urgent treatment to the patient. According to the statistical information, nine out of ten cardiac patients lose their life due to sudden cardiac arrest.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is the life-saving device that prevents the sudden cardiac arrest to occur. The functionality of this device is unique from other devices because it produces effective results in meantime.

The utilization of AED helps to increase the survival rate. An AED is a portable device that is used in emergency situations. It stabilizes the heart rhythm by delivering the electric shock to the body.

Automated External Defibrillator is used to monitor the heart rate of the body and it informs the person who is operating an AED that either heart rhythm is stable or not.  AED is designed in such a way that makes it simple to use for everyone.

Singaporeans have faced the heart-related issues for quite a sometime but now AED in Singapore is saving a number of lives by preventing cardiac arrest. The benefit of using this device is that it provides every instruction step by step so it can be used by every common man.

Evolution of AED:

Advancements in recent past years have been made in the field of medical science and as a result of it, different devices are invented for the treatment of heart diseases.

When AED was not available, CPR (cardiopulmonary pulmonary resuscitation) is a method used to prevent the sudden cardiac arrest. CPR played an important role in the past to help cardiac patients when AED was not available in the market.

When this device was introduced first its weight was 13 pounds and it was used only by medical professionals. AED was introduced into the commercial market in 1984. At that time nobody would have imagined that in future this device will be available at different public places like airports, shopping malls, and offices.

When AEDs were developed in the early 2000s they have attenuated pads for the guidance. After some time, modifications were implemented in the AED with visual prompts for the guidance of users so it can be used efficiently in emergency situations.

With the passage of time, the modifications in the AED made it a life-saving device. So this is how AED evolved to bring positive changes in the lives of cardiac patients.

Training of AED is essential in Modern time:

Now AEDs are easily available in the market but a large number of people still don’t know that what AED is and how it works. AEDs functions are not complicated to understand any person who doesn’t have a medical background can effectively easily use it.

First AID training services enable people to identify the symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest and about the functions of an AED. The familiarization to sudden cardiac arrest is necessary because it helps to treat the victim. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes to treat the victim.

In training, you can also learn about the maintenance of an AED. To maintain an AED, you have to replace the battery and pads every year. The main purpose of an AED training is not just to get the basic knowledge of its functions but also to prepare yourself mentally to use it in emergency situations.

AED’s functions are not complicated to understand but you have to learn its utilization in order to make effective use of it. Video and audiovisual indicators are present in AED that guides you that either device is ready to use or not.

Another useful tip which you will learn from AED training is to place it in easily accessible location. It allows you to get an AED quickly because the victim of sudden cardiac arrest needs quick treatment so it gives you a better chance to save a life.

Time is the most important aspect when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs because every minute is important for the victim’s survival. Training of AED makes you able to save time efficiently while treating a patient.

To find out more about how to equip yourself with the right life-saving skills and proper AED utilization, contact Academiclinic today, a team of experienced medical experts is waiting to answer all your queries.

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