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How to use and maintain Automated external defibrillators (AED)

Sudden cardiac arrest is a serious problem faced by people all over the world. It occurs due to the sudden loss of blood flow that eventually causes heart failure. This condition is faced by every cardiac patient.

The progress in medical science has enabled the people to resolve serious health issues. Advanced medical devices like Automated external defibrillators (AED) has played an important role to save a large number of lives. It restores the original heart rhythm if it is irregular

The benefit of having AED at home is restoring the heart to normal rhythm in an emergency situation before professional help arrives. Through a proper understanding of AED’s functions, you can treat the victim at home. AED should be kept at home, especially if any of your family members has a heart disease.

Before you start using AED, it is important to understand that how and where it should be used and what you have to do for its maintenance.

When AED should be used:

AEDs are primarily used to prevent the sudden cardiac arrest and to stabilize the condition of the patient. Sudden cardiac arrest usually occurs due to Ventricular fibrillation in which heart’s electrical activity becomes disorganized.

An arrhythmia is another cause of the sudden cardiac arrest. Due to arrhythmia, the blood flow stops to the brain and to other vital parts of the body.

If urgent treatment is not provided, a patient can die in a few minutes. You must keep an AED with you every time if you or your family members are experiencing any of the above-mentioned conditions.

Due to the efficient healthcare system in Singapore, people are making good use of the advanced medical devices and AED is one of them. AED in Singapore has not only saved the lives of people but it has also given life-saving assurance to the people.

Tips for Utilization and Maintenance:

There are certain procedures to note before the use of an AED. First, you have to attach the pads to the chest of a patient. If heart rhythm is not stable then it will send the electrical shock to the heart.

It is essential to use AED as soon as possible so chances of a victim’s survival can increase. Ensure that everyone at home knows where the AED is placed. Family members should also have a complete understanding of AED’s functions.

The maintenance of AED is equally important as its utilization is. Ask your provider for a maintenance contract so you know your AED equipment will be regularly checked and maintained so it is in tip-top condition as and when it is required.

Next, get yourself enrolled in a medical training institute to learn the basics of AED’s operations. It will not only help you and your family members and maybe your neighbors too.

Once you have learned the basics of AED, you should practice it continuously. It will prepare you for the situations where you have to treat cardiac patients. Make sure to place AED in your home at such place that is easily accessible and everybody at home knows it.

Batteries should be installed and checked regularly. After every four years, electrode pads need to be replaced. An alarm installed on AEDs indicates if a device is working properly or not. If you hear the alarm or see the light flashing contact your provider.

To learn more about the AED utilization and its maintenance, get the assistance from Academiclinic medical experts. Competent professionals provide useful guidelines that play a key role to save the lives of cardiac patients.

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